How social media can bring your workouts to the next level!

using social media to improve workout motivation

Did you know the average person spends at least an hour on social media daily?

It is almost impossible to escape social media; while it can be a distraction during your workout, it can also bring your workout to the next level. Fitness is quickly developing into one of the most popular hobbies/passions in the world. With that growing popularity there is no shortage of people taking advantage of it to get some of the lime light. On Instagram alone, there are hundreds of thousands of popular fitness accounts that inspire and motivate people across the globe. A lot of people follow these social media influencers just because the people look good but they are missing out on the best resource these people have, their knowledge. There are several reasons why you should be using social media to achieve your fitness goals.

Makes you Accountable

Social Media Makes you accountable for your goals. There might be no better way to make yourself accountable for your goals then posting it on Facebook or Twitter.

One way to stay accountable for your fitness workout goals is to create a fitness group on Facebook. Creating a group on Facebook is a great way to motivate each other and get positive reinforcement on your workouts. Do daily check-ins with your group, share favorite protein shake recipes or even have healthy competitions.

Having a Pinterest


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If you already have a Pinterest, you know there are a million workout tips and tricks. Along with workout tips, there are meal prep tips and protein shake tips. Pinterest also helps you keep your workouts organized by creating different boards and posting them to social media. Thousands of fitness and health professionals are on Pinterest, posting fitness and nutrition tips, healthy recipes, and motivational support each day for free. Performance Inspired Nutrition has a Pinterest Page with shake recipes, blogs and much more posted on it. To follow us on Pinterest, click here: Performance Inspired Nutrition Pinterest Page

If you don’t post about it, did it really happen?

You just got done running on the treadmill and you did it, you ran your fastest time ever. However, where is the proof? You know you do it which is great, but you should share that excitement with your friends and family. Don’t be afraid to use social media to document and track your daily workouts, nutrition, and progress. Not only will it help you see your habits and create consistency, but chances are it will motivate someone else join your fitness group on Facebook.

Tracking Changes – Before and After

With Instagram, Facebook and Timehop you can see before and afters of yourself. If you post regular updates of yourself over-time you will be able to see changes more clearly. The memories on Facebook (on this day) and Timehop will remind you how you use to look, which can be a great motivation.

In Conclusion – Let’s get Social


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Whether you are keeping yourself accountable, finding new workouts, or creating friendly competition, social media is a great way to help you get fit. The one thing not to forget is to use a #hashtag with your social media post so others can find you and see the great work. Feel free to tag us, @PerformInspired, in your post!



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