Hopes weight-loss journey

Six years ago, I started my healthy living journey by losing 100 lbs. I began by walking my dog and cutting sugar, breads, pastas, and rice. After six months I had lost over 60 lbs. I was working as a paraprofessional with junior high behavioral and special educational students, so my days were busy and stressful. I rarely got to sit down to a big meal, but I needed something to nourish my body and give me energy and a clear mind. After work, I would work out on the treadmill, and then I graduated to running since I had lost so much weight.

I found PI Nutrition at HyVee and tried the Performance Protein-Bars. Every day, I would cut the bars up in chunks and take them to school with me. When my stomach growled or I felt sluggish, I ate a chunk of it. When the simple protein bars came out, I switched to those as I like the clean taste. They fill me up and give me the boost that I need. Now, I work out for about 90 minutes a day, and I drink the Performance Inspired Plant-Based Protein Powder. I love the chocolate and the vanilla. The vanilla tastes like vanilla ice cream, and the chocolate is like drinking chocolate milk! It fills me up and satisfies my sweet tooth as well. I also consume the dark chocolate chip and the chocolate chip protein cookies. I will eat half one night and the other half the next. On cheat day, I will eat the whole thing. I won’t even eat a regular cookie now. I would rather have Performance Inspired Protein Cookies!

In addition, I tried the protein water, and now I’m hooked—especially on extra hot days! Performance Inspired has the BEST tasting protein powder I have ever tried. And I swear by it when I’m sick with an illness such as the flu.

My dog LOVES the protein bars. When I am cutting them up, he becomes attached to my hip until I give him one.


Thanks for the opportunity to share my story. It took me over a year to lose the weight, and I’ve kept it off for six years! I do 40-50 minutes of cardio every day and an hour of weights/floor work after. I am 54 years old, so age has nothing to do with it!

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