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Are You Ready For the Mark Wahlberg Pain & Gain Workout?

Mark Wahlberg doesn’t do anything in his life halfway, and his preparation process for filming is no exception. In the 2013 film “Pain & Gain,” Mark plays a bodybuilding criminal with a taste for money and a plan for extortion. He knew he had to look the part, and his background in bodybuilding and passion […]

The Supplements Mark Wahlberg Uses To Get Ready for His Movies

When you hear Mark Wahlberg’s name, it’s likely that at least a handful of his blockbuster movies come to mind. He’s had countless successful films throughout his exciting acting career, skillfully playing roles that range from comedy to action to thriller. As an actor, Mark must stay in pique physical condition, not only to look […]

How PI Nutrition Partners with NBA Player Draymond Green for a Successful Basketball Season

As a professional athlete, the health and performance of your body are critical to your career, name, and future. Athletes understand how crucial it is to treat your body like a finely tuned machine, carefully considering every food and supplement you ingest and the physical routine you follow. When you have fans and possibly an […]

Mark Wahlberg Shares What Makes PI Nutrition Different & Best

Check out PI Nutrition’s latest trending video courtesy from one of our creators, Mark Wahlberg! Mark shares what makes Performance Inspired Nutrition different than other brands. With natural, quality ingredients it’s no wonder PI offers the best options for growth and success. Have you noticed the impact PI Nutrition has had on your training? Share with […]

Mark Wahlberg Shares His Progress with PI Nutrition

Most people are used to seeing celebrities endorsing products but often we assume they never actually use the products in their daily lives. This is not the case with Performance Inspired’s partner & co-creator Mark Wahlberg. Check out the below video of Mark sharing his experience thus far in the Performance Inspired program. Utilizing the […]

Hy-Vee Will Build 26 Wahlburgers

WEST DES MOINES — Hy-Vee Inc. has announced it plans to build, own and operate 26 Wahlburgers restaurants — nearly doubling the brand’s current locations — and Hy-Vee will add select Wahlburgers menu items in all Market Grille restaurants. Additionally, Hy-Vee will partner with Orangetheory Fitness to provide customers with access to an intensive group […]


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