Pre-Workout Performance Perfection by Onica Sinclair

It’s those times when your significant other comes home with an unexpected something or another that you can do is “smh” as the youth say nowadays.  Did my husband bring home a new puppy?!  No.  Did my husband bring home a new kitten?! No.  My husband brought home a kickboxing training bag.  He saw my face and said, “…but it comes with a stand!”  Whoop-dee-freaking-doo!  It had been a while since I had incorporating any boxing or kickboxing in my cardio regimen so I was iffy, but open to the idea.  He’s trying to get into better shape, after all, and who am I to squash his dreams and tell him to return the bag.  Turns out he’s pretty good at it.  Turns out my 11-year-old daughter is pretty good at too (which is funny because PE is her least favorite subject in school).  I put my old gloves on and WENT TO TOWN on that bag.  I forgot how great it felt!  I was missing something though, but what?  That’s when my husband asked me about the samples of Performance Inspired Explosive Pre-Workout.  He tried it first and absolutely loved it.  He said he didn’t feel like his skin was crawling or got itchy which most pre-workouts do to him.  I opened up my second sample packet for my workout and my results were exactly the same.  I took my tropical fruit punch scoop with 6 ounces of water and took off down to the basement with our new bag 30 minutes later.  I’ll be honest, it had been a while since I felt a cardio workout like that.  No itching (most pre-workouts make my ears itch!), no skin crawling, no ant-biting feeling, just a solid explosive sweaty workout…and that’s the best kind, right?

The glorious absence of these side effects probably has something to do with the fact the PI’s Pre-Workout is a clean and natural energy formula.  This formula consists of Arginine AKG, Creatine Monohydrate, and Beta-Alanine.  The combination of these 3 ingredients are powerful and effective.  The Arginine AKG in it not only helps you perform at your highest level, but also helps with muscle fatigue and recovery.  AKG is an amino acid, the amino acid that is the source of glutamine and glutamate.  These are natural amino acids that increase cell division and stimulate excitatory neurotransmitters in the brain.  Glutamine also helps with muscle growth, protein, and your immune system.  Because of these aminos, you get a powerful muscle pump complex.

Creatine Monohydrate is your energy source.  It can be found naturally in the foods that we eat such as meat and fish and is also produced naturally by your body, but can be extremely beneficial when taken prior to a workout in a formula like PI’s.  Our muscles can’t produce force and our short term, high intensity energy shuts down when our muscles run out of creatine.  You want to make sure to have that extra boost of creatine before your workout to avoid this issue.

Beta-Alanine, the third component of this awesome energy igniter formula is also an amino acid.  The main function of this amino is to increase your carnosine levels.  Carnosine is what keeps your muscles from become overly acidic during a workout.  This means is boosts your performance levels AND keeps fatigue at bay.  This is also a key factor in the level of endurance you have during a workout.

PI’s pre-workout also has an additional natural ingredient in its formula: 50 mg of grape seed extract.  Grape seed extract is a great way to increase blood flow, reduce inflammation and improves collagen and bone strength.  Bone strength is just as important as muscle strength.  They work hand in hand.  Many people ask about the level of caffeine.  One scoop of Performance Inspired Pre-Workout contains only 175 mg of caffeine and this caffeine strictly comes from green tea.  No fake caffeine here.  Natural caffeine, just as promised.  Compared to many other pre-workout formulas on the market, that brag about their caffeine levels being AT LEAST over 200 mg, you can’t beat PI’s all natural 175 mg of green tea caffeine.  Definitely not getting the jitters here!

All in all, it tastes amazing, gives you explosive strength, helps with stamina, and solidifies your focus.  I don’t know about your, but that’s everything I want and more in out of a natural and clean energy formula.


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