Working Out with Family

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As you’re aware working out gets tougher when you’re a parent. Exercise is important and shouldn’t just stop because you became a parent. In fact being a parent means we should exercise more! Having your kids see you exercise sets a good example. However, exercise takes away from family time and it shouldn’t! Why not have your kids exercise with you?

How to exercise with your Family?

  1. Nerf Fight:

Nerf Shot

If you have little kids this is a fun way to exercise with them! By actively running around the backyard or in your house you will burn calories. Let’s just say you weigh 175 pounds and you continually run around the back yard for 10 minutes, you just burned 72 calories! Now that was easy and fun!


  1. Commercial-cise

cute little girl watching advertisement on tv


We all know you spend a few hours of your day watching TV. Why not make the most of those boring commercial breaks and exercise during them? With this activity, you can even make certain commercials different exercises for example: For every car commercial you see do 10 pushups.  If you weigh 150 pounds 10 pushups will burn 5 calories.


  1. Crank up that music and dance!

happy family playing music and dancing on caribbean street


This one is extra fun if you have little ones! They love to dance and are hilarious doing it. Dancing for a song that lasted 3 minutes will burn 19 calories if you weigh 160 pounds. Now if you’re laughing at your kiddo while you’re dancing you’ll burn an extra 4.5 calories!

Burning calories doesn’t have to be stressful and you don’t have to do it alone! Have a family activity you do to burn calories? Please share, by commenting below!

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