Three Easy Ways to Increase Your Water Intake (And Fall in Love with Hydration)

Many say water is life, and for good reason! Studies show that optimal hydration can maximize your workouts, support energy levels and mood, improve skin complexion, and even help you lose weight. As one of the easiest ways to improve your health, grabbing a glass of water seems like a no brainer. Experts suggest consuming half of your body weight in ounces, daily.

How do you make sure you’re getting your gulps in?

1) Add flavor.

If your taste buds are accustomed to sugary sodas, water may seem a bit plain at first. But fret not, soon you’ll crave its simplistic goodness on the regular. Until then, you can infuse or add flavor to your water with these quick and easy tips that also boast nutritional value: Add lemon for a boost of bittersweet flavor and vitamin C—an important nutrient for the body’s connective tissue. Add unsweetened cranberry juice for flavor and urinary tract health. Lower blood sugar and cholesterol by soaking a cinnamon stick in a cup of water and combining the concentrate with cold water and ice. Or, make your water super refreshing by jazzing it up with some ice cubes made of sugar-free sparkling water.

2) Make water part of your daily routine.

Is coffee the first thing you grab in the morning? Opting instead for a glass of water holds a host of health benefits. Water on an empty stomach maximizes its benefits and helps to flush toxins, hydrate cells, and wake-up your body. You can still have your coffee and drink it too, just after your morning cup of water of course! Another great way to ensure water is part of your everyday life is to always bring it with you! Choose a cool water bottle you’ll be happy to tote on your daily adventures.

3) Try an app.

Everything is more fun when you track it! There are several apps out there that help you track your water intake throughout the day—some even include friendly little reminders that it’s time to drink up! A few free favorites include Waterlogged, Gulp, and My Water Balance.

If your love for water seems like a lost cause, don’t forget it’s the stuff you’re made of! Every cell in your body relies on it for proper functioning, and you might just be surprised by how great you feel after upping your intake.

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