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This natural, value-added ZINC PLUS formula supports Testosterone Levels, Muscle Strength and Recovery with added B6. Helps with the regulation of cellular growth and tissue repair, as well as the maintenance of a healthy immune system.  May also help to support endurance, growth and restful sleep.  Great for both men and women!

90 count bottle

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Looking for a recovery aid that can also help your body achieve a deeper level of REM sleep? To Support Testosterone Level, Muscle Strength, and Recovery with added B6, Performance Inspired created ZINC PLUS Sport Recovery Capsules. Combining a synergist of Zinc Monomethionine Aspartate, will help you in the restoration and regulation of cellular growth and tissue repair. ZINC PLUS also provides vitamins that assist with the maintenance of a healthy immune system. Great for both men and women and our 90 count capsules are Informed Sport Tested!  Help your body recover faster and naturally with PI’s ZINC PLUS and start reaching your full potential now!

DIRECTIONS:  Men: Take 3 capsules each day, preferably on an empty stomach before bed. Women: Take 2 capsules each day, preferably on an empty stomach before bed.



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3 responses to “ZINC PLUS Sport Recovery Capsules”

  1. jqbautista says:

    When I started this product I notice I’ve been sleeping all through the night and waking up rested. It also helping with my tissue repair especially working with trainers and lifting heavy weights its helps with recovery with less soarness especially in the day after. Ordered my second bottle.

  2. Jason Beckler says:

    So far so good !! Been on it for about 5 days and I sleep like a baby and the best part I wake up feeling refreshed and fully awake .. probably to soon to start claiming strength gains and what not but I always feel great in the gym .. even if it didn’t I’d still give this product 5 stars just on the sleep aid and that refreshed feeling when you wake up alone ..

  3. johnny says:

    I am 43 and been into fitness for about 8 months. Ive gone from 250 to 190 so far. I do a 3 day split on weights and 2-3 days HIIT. The first obstacle was trying to wade through the ocean of supplements and powders. I am all about PI nutrition. I feel like its a no BS company and the products are high quality and safe. I use amino, protein, vitamins and recently tried the ZMA. I have to say i took 3 capsules at night on an empty stomach and slept like a baby! I woke up feeling 20 again. Thank you PI-Nutrition i killed it at the gym doing all supersets and upped each rep……i love this and all the PI products!

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