Fall Allergies Affecting Your Workout?

Allergies can make you miserable. Not only are they getting in the way of your everyday task but they are making your workouts depressing. You’re not performing well because you’re sneezing and blowing your nose nonstop.  With these few tips, you can minimize the sneezing and get back into shape.

Select the Right Time of Day

The time of day you choose for outdoor exercise matters. Pollen peak levels are around noon or early afternoon. Therefore, it is best that people with allergies exercise in the early morning or late evening.

Cover Up

Try wearing a scarf when you workout, this will filter pollen and pollution for those outdoor walks and will also keep you warm.  Sunglasses protect eyes from airborne allergens as well as ultraviolet rays. If it’s too dark for sunglasses, buy some fake reading glasses.

Stay Hydrated

Stay well hydrated while exercising, especially when taking allergy medication, which can cause dry mouth, or if you’re breathing through your mouth instead of your nose.

Change Your Clothes ASAP

During pollen season, your clothes and hair will have pollen in them after working out. Once you get home change your clothes and get in the shower.

Exercise is an important component of a healthy lifestyle. While allergies may be a nuisance, there are lots of options for working your workouts around your symptoms. In fact, a good workout may even help reduce your allergy symptoms. Your body produces extra adrenalin during exercise, which benefits the body by lowering your allergic response

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