Cravings Killers By Justin James

Cravings Killers

Many of you have noticed that when you start an exercise program or make any kind of general fitness commitment, intense cravings seemingly come out of nowhere, intent on sabotaging your progress. It’s totally normal and has a very simple explanation.

When we start to exercise, we use more calories than our body is used to. Our body doesn’t appreciate big changes, so it generally does whatever it can to preserve “normal” and take the easiest path of resistance.

For example, your body loves simple carbohydrates (white bread, pasta) because they digest quickly and can be used as a quick energy source. Your body can also use fat (or protein) as its primary energy source but that requires a bit more work.  This is why you crave carbohydrates!

The body prefers to keep everything “normal” and is often uncomfortable when breaking out of this sweet spot of calorie consumption vs. usage.

Performance Inspired has several options which I consider “cravings killers.”  These are my “go-to” choices for evening cravings. A healthy life style isn’t about eliminating cravings; rather, it’s about choosing good options over poor ones!

1) Performance Inspired Keto Bar,

These bars pack a punch with healthy fats that will leave you feeling full and satisfied. They are extremely flavorful and rich and are a great option when you are craving something chocolatey!

2) Performance Inspired Protein Bars

Performance Inspired offers several options in the protein department. Protein-packed products help make the body feel full, and protein can assist in helping the body recover. Instead of downing a box of cookies or a bowl of pasta, reach for a protein bar!

3) Performance Inspired Protein Cookies

Sometimes when you want a cookie, nothing else will do. Performance Inspired has both Keto friendly (full of good fats) and protein-rich cookies. Both are great options to kill cravings.

If you don’t have good options at your fingertips, chances are you are going to succumb to some less than ideal diet choices. Avoiding diet killing foods is never easy but having some go-to cravings killers definitely helps!

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