Conquering Dehydration

There are numerous factors that lead to an athlete’s accomplishments and the main factor an athlete often forgets is hydration. It does not matter if you spend hours on end training for your event if you are not properly hydrated. Hydration is an outstanding factor, in how an athlete will perform. Dehydration can also lead to blood clots, seizures, and other complications.

Are you dehydrated?

Your body gives you multiple signs that you are dehydrated.

One of the signs that you are dehydrated is that you are experiencing bad breath. This seems weird, but allow us to explain. If you are experiencing dehydration, your saliva levels go down. Therefore, your mouth’s ability to fight odor causing germs stops. If you are experiencing bad breath for no reason, try drinking more water.
Another sign that you are experiencing dehydration is your urine appears dark yellow. Dark yellow urine is usually the first sign of dehydration. When you are not consuming enough water, your kidneys begin to conserve water which makes the urine more concentrated with waste products which make your urine darker. Your urine will start to change colors when your body is 5% dehydrated.

Are your headaches from dehydration? Dehydration headaches occur at the front, back, side or all over the head. Since, dehydration headaches only occur when the body is dehydrated, symptoms of dehydration will occur with a headache. Some of these symptoms include back of the neck pain, loss of skin elasticity, low blood pressure, and dark colored urine. Usually, if you are experiencing a dehydration headache you will experience another symptom with a headache.

How do you conquer dehydration?

Since dehydration can be a life-threating condition, it is important that you replenish your body with water immediately after you have lost so much. A mutual recommendation is to drink six or eight 8-ounce glass of water every day.

To get the recommendation of water in your body daily you can follow these few steps.

Try eating different snack foods. Instead of eating carb overloaded snacks, that have very low water content. Try eating refreshing snacks like fruit, yogurt or drinking a healthy smoothie.
Limit your caffeine intake. Caffeine makes your body lose fluids rapidly. This is because caffeine is a diuretic which makes you urinate more. Therefore, you lose more fluids than you gain from the drink. While the caffeine might quench your thirst in the short term, you will feel better drinking a water in the long term, plus your body will thank you.

Keep your water bottle at arm’s length at all time. I know this might seem impossible and you might be one of those people that cannot just drink plain water. Therefore, spice your water up! There are multiple ways to spice up your water. You can add cucumbers, strawberries or lemons to your water, to add flavor. Another alternative to spice up your water is to add Performance Inspired New Hydration Powder to your water.

What is Performance Inspired new Re-hydration Powder?

Performance Inspired Re-Hydration Powder will be launching the first week of August. The Re-hydration Powder will come in Dark Cherry. The Re-Hydration Powder will recover and replenish, exercise and exertion support and has added electrolytes and BCCA. To order your Re-hydration powder feel free to visit our store.




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