Cancer Comeback by Chris Ortiz

At 34 years old Chris Ortiz found himself fiercely fighting Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.  After months of chemotherapy doctors suggested an Autologous Stem Cell Transplant. “Basically they stored my immune system outside of my body and then put it back in,” Chris explains.

In May 2018 doctors collected and stored his blood-forming cells; Chris was treated with high doses of chemotherapy to kill the cancer, and then the cells doctors stored outside of his body were returned.

Though Chris made a quick recovery from the harsh treatment, he was unable to walk at the time of his release.  “For me, I went from one hospital bed to another. I was in the hospital for three weeks and then bedridden at home,” he explains.

“I decided to get up and get out,” Chris states. He began working at a small community gym, lifting 5 or 10 pounds. “Whatever I could do to build more strength, and I had to start somewhere,” he says.

In the beginning stages of his lifestyle journey, Chris was introduced to Performance Inspired Nutrition through Mark Wahlberg’s 47 Day Challenge. And he decided to join him. “I was feeling pretty strong at that point, and I just thought, ‘I can do this. I can eat healthy and fit two workouts in a day.’”

Just months after a cancer diagnoses, chemotherapy and a major surgery, Chris reinvented his lifestyle and feels healthier than ever. His biggest challenge was fitting two workouts in each day, while also keeping up with his doctors’ appointments that were often different states. “But, I still got the workout in, whether I had to wake up at 4 AM, or hit the gym at 11 PM. I did the challenge because I want to be healthy and stay healthy, and it changed my life.”

Chris’ before and after photos are living proof that a healthy lifestyle can make all the difference. To keep up with the challenge, Chris used Performance Inspired Whey. His favorite flavor is Decadent Chocolate, and he values PI products because of their natural ingredients. Unable to use many supplements because of his cancer treatment, Chris looks to PI for top-quality products.

Thank you Chris for choosing PI to support you on this incredible journey!


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