Why Whey Protein Works By Justin James

I’m often asked by people brand new to training and fitness where to start with nutrition and supplementation. My answer is always the same: a quality whey protein powder.

Why? Because whey protein works! There are thousands of supplements that claim to do a myriad of things for human performance, but none has been tested as rigorously, and has been used by as many, as whey protein.

If we walk into any college or professional athletic locker room, we will find whey protein supplements readily available to athletes of nearly every sport. Why? Because whey works!

Whey is a fast-digesting protein that is ideally consumed post-workout to promote tissue repair after strenuous exercise. When we train, our muscle tissue is damaged, and our body goes to work almost immediately to repair stressed and torn tissues. Protein is comprised of amino acids, which are the building blocks of tissue repair and muscle growth within the body. Because whey digests so quickly, it delivers these nutrients quickly.

Of course, we shouldn’t rely on whey protein alone. And whey isn’t appropriate for everyone. Some have allergies and/or digestive issues that limit their ability to benefit from whey. That is why an athlete should consume a balanced diet, and why he/she can, post-workout, benefit from carbohydrates (to raise insulin levels and promote better absorption of muscle-building nutrients) and animal protein sources (because of their bioavailability and rich protein and fat content).

But it can get us “kickstarted” toward recovery and repair. When we combine this fast-digesting supplement and follow it up with carbohydrates, some fats, and more slow-digesting animal-sourced proteins, we have a pretty good recovery combination.

As with all supplements, quality matters!

Pay attention to labels! There are a host of whey protein supplements available at your local grocery store or pharmacy that are made with fillers and cheap ingredients. Many protein powders contain more soy and concentrates than actual whey protein isolate.

Performance Inspired takes pride in using only the best ingredients and formulas to create the best products on the market. When choosing a protein source for recovery, quality matters.

Nothing will jumpstart your fitness program and recovery like whey protein,

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