Why spreadsheets should be your best friend!

spreadsheet with exercises reps sets and weight

Fitness is not easy; the details are an essential. Tracking your diet, progress, and exercises can be difficult even for a gym veteran. There is an easy way to keep track of all that in one location, a spreadsheet. It is an easy way to track progress (one of the most important parts of a successful program), and keeping yourself honest. When putting your program together the spreadsheet simplifies everything.

The first part is only if you are building/designing your own program. First compile a list your favorite exercises along with a few new ones. Then begin to design the program with your list of exercises. This not only helps you create this program, but also makes it easier to design future ones. The next step is to input your workouts into a new sheet. This is where you will track your progress with what weight you use and how many reps and sets you do. Knowing what you previously have done will allow you to build upon previously workouts instead of just working out at the same weight for months at a time.

how to track exercise process with spreadsheet
Tracking your nutrition is essential to achieve fitness goals, it is the most important part of reaching the goals. Mark down the nutrition facts for foods that you eat on a consistent basis, then mark down what you are eating that day. Being totally honest is essential here, this is where you will be basing a lot of progress and being able to track where you went right and wrong. Precisely tracking every meal may not be for you, but it is helpful to be aware of what you are eating. This setup will help you track progress and set yourself up for success.

tracking nutrition and diet on spreadsheet

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