The “Little Stuff” Matters

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When we take on any new project or habit, we tend to take on the big, obvious stuff while ignoring the minor, and oftentimes vitally important, details.

Ever skip or just glance over the directions when assembling a new piece of furniture, only to have to start over when step 3 of 32 was assembled backward? (I certainly do).

In our fitness routines, we tend to hit the big, obvious exercises but often skip or glance over our flexibility training, foam rolling, and recovery work. It doesn’t seem like a big deal at the time, but you certainly feel it the next day.

Things that may seem somewhat insignificant are often the most vital parts of what holds a successful program together.  Any great coach will tell you that the “little stuff” matters. Discipline and attention to detail in any walk of life is invaluable. A great example of this would be making sure you’re taking vitamin and mineral supplements.

Let’s focus on three of Performance Inspired’s vitamin and mineral supplements: Zinc Plus, Turmeric and Curcumin, and the PI Multivitamin.

If you’re starting a supplement regimen, you’re going to start with the “big” stuff, like whey protein and a pre-workout. I’m not saying that approach is wrong. I actually recommend it. But if you’re thinking that vitamin and mineral supplements are only for advanced athletes or that they aren’t applicable to you—a casual weekend warrior—you’re wrong.

Likewise, if you’ve gotten sloppy with keeping up with vitamin and mineral consumption, it’s time to get back on track.

In a fitness program, it’s consistency, not sporadic intensity, that yields results. The same goes for a nutrition and supplementation program. Consistently putting the right stuff in your body will make a big difference over time.

performance inspired nutrition zinc plus supplements

Zinc Magnesium should be taken before bed (I take all of my vitamins and minerals before bed). Some research has shown that this supplement greatly assists in recovery, sleep quality, and testosterone production.

We have long known the benefits of turmeric and curcumin in fighting inflammation in the body. The body is in its most active and intense state of recovery as we sleep, so I like to give it a little “fuel” right before hitting the sack.

The PI Multivitamin covers a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals. When you are on a consistent dosage, you know you’re covered. Too many people suffer from nutritional deficiencies unnecessarily. “Little things” like a multivitamin can make a huge difference.

No single product from PI is a “magic pill” that will transform your life, make you lose 30 pounds, or suddenly raise your income level. We’ve all seen nonsense advertisements from deceptive supplement companies looking to bamboozle consumers.

However, what can change your life is a commitment to positive actions and good habits on a consistent basis. Putting the right vitamin and mineral supplements in your body and giving your system its best chance at success is an investment worth ma

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