Justin James Introduction

justin james intro

Justin James Introduction

Who am I?

Hello everyone! My name is Justin James. I’m very excited to introduce myself as the new director of fitness for Performance Inspired! In addition to being a professional golfer and the 2017 Volvik World Long Drive Champion, I am a certified strength and conditioning specialist; a Titleist Performance Institute certified golf, power, and fitness professional; and a former minor league baseball player with the Toronto Blue Jays. As the son of a competitive bodybuilder and figure competitor (my father was the 1990 Mr. California overall champion), I have been involved in the fitness industry nearly my entire life! I have worked with a wide variety of clients ranging from professional golfers to seniors who are brand new to fitness.

In my fitness “journey” I have come to realize that fitness, in its many forms, truly is for everyone. No one is incapable of improvement, and no one is beyond repair. Fitness is a life-changing endeavor for anyone willing to make a commitment. Proper fitness has been proven to enhance physical and mental health and the overall quality of life. I have seen the life-changing power of fitness, and I want to help people reach the results they desire.

What you can expect

Unfortunately, the fitness industry has become bloated and convoluted in many ways. I try to keep things simple because, in reality, they are. One of the things I most appreciate about Performance Inspired is its commitment to simplicity and honesty. PI does not make outrageous promises backed by shady research and pseudo-science. Likewise, I will strive to present simple, straightforward information that will make you better!

I plan to present a lot of information about strength training, as I believe this has the greatest effect and reach across all population groups to improve quality of life. Whether you are a high school football player looking to enhance overall power output, a mother dealing with the unique physical challenges of motherhood, or a senior citizen seeking to maintain independence, strength training can assist you in meeting these goals.

Finally, we are going to remain grounded and realistic. We won’t make false promises. We won’t perform unrealistic, superhuman workouts that look cool on the Internet, but are actually counterproductive. And we won’t use photoshopped, genetically gifted fitness models as our standard for success. In reality, much of a physique is genetic. While you may never look like your favorite action star or supermodel, you can ALWAYS be the best version of yourself. That is what we are after, and that is what I want to help you achieve!

I look forward to working with you guys, hitting some goals together, and going faster, stronger, and longer in 2019.

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