7 Easy Ways to Keep on Track with Your New Year’s Resolutions

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According to a recent Forbes poll, 48% of respondents said their resolution for this new year was to improve fitness and health. That’s great news, as it shows the importance people place on taking care of themselves.

But the follow through is where it gets difficult. Forbes also found that the average person sticks with their resolution for just 3.74 months and only 1% stick with it all year long.

Maybe that means we are setting unrealistic goals or that we lack the necessary willpower to follow through. Whatever the reason, we at Performance Inspired Nutrition want to help. We know that fitness and physical health should be one of our main priorities in life. Eating healthy foods and exercising lead to longer and healthier lives, fewer diseases, and a stronger body. And when your physical health is strong, your mental health improves.

So it’s a win win!

Now that we’ve completed a little over a month in this new year, we figure maybe some of you are hitting the doldrums and have started to lapse in your resolutions. If so, read on. If not, good for you! But read on anyway because these ideas will keep you on track!

The days are gradually getting longer, but the weather is still cold, the sun is out fewer hours, and many people would prefer to spend time inside. All this combines to decreased activity and motivation. And it facilitates poor eating habits.

That’s why we want to offer some fun and unique ways to stay on track. These seven fun activities will help you develop healthy habits that can last all year long—or longer. Try them all and crush those resolutions!

  1. Walk or run a virtual 5K.

These became popular during COVID but are still fun because you can do them with anyone and anywhere. Google virtual 5Ks and pick a theme. They range from fantasy challenges to city themes to even a Big Foot run. Once you sign up, they mail you all the swag—a cool shirt, a timer, and maybe even other fun treats. Then you pick a day and walk or run the 5K. This is a great way to get outside and have fun with friends and family.

  1. Set up a healthy recipe exchange with your friends or coworkers.

We know that it can get really boring to cook meal after meal for yourself. Get together with a few friends and decide that you are going to cook a meal or two for each other. Then look for healthy options and make a meal to trade! This is a great way to break out of the monotony of the same old recipes and to try something new.

  1. Take a dance class.

Bored of the same old exercises? Lots of city recreation centers or dance studios offer dance classes for beginners. This is a fun way to meet people and to change the type of exercise you’re doing.

  1. Do you still have your Wii Fit?

Pull out the board or mat and run, ski, hula hoop, or do yoga. This is especially fun to do with family, and it keeps everyone off their phones for a while!

  1. Visit a new park each week.

Your town likely has parks you have never been to. Many have beautiful walking paths, short nature trails, or even a biking path. Instead of going to the same place every day, change it up a bit and visit someplace new! Keeping things fresh helps with motivation.

  1. Try a new sport or backyard game.

Always wanted to try tennis? Golf? Pickleball? Rent or borrow some equipment and make this the year that you learn to play a new sport. You could also buy croquet or bocce ball and turn your backyard into a fun sports field. While these backyard games aren’t heart pumping sports, they will get you moving a bit while you enjoy socializing in the fresh air.

  1. Try a new healthy restaurant.

If your town is anything like mine, there’s a new restaurant opening up every other week. Most restaurants these days have a lighter fare, a few low-carb items, or offer an entire menu of healthy foods. Do some research online, look at the menus, and then enjoy a night out knowing that you are sticking to your healthy eating goals. And best of all, you don’t have to cook!

Staying with your New Year’s resolutions doesn’t have to be a drag, and it can be something you do all year long. In fact, healthy habits don’t need to be just a resolution; they can be a way of life. When you implement fun activities and work every day to make small changes, you will see big results that become habits you never give up. 

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