6 Things You Should Know about Wahlberg Week

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Can you feel the excitement? We can! Monday, May 6, begins this year’s Wahlberg Week! What does that mean? It’s a week to explore what F45 gyms can do for your physical and mental health, and it’s a week to begin to get in shape!

The F stands for functional, and 45 is the amount of time for most of the classes. The F45 website offers lots of great information, but in a nutshell, “F45 training merges three leading-edge fitness training styles into one 45-minute functional training class. With each session, you’ll experience the elite, proven benefits of combining high-intensity interval training (HIIT), circuit training, and functional training in order to provide you with the results you’re looking for – all in just under an hour.”

F45 is a unique way to train and get in shape. And you do it with friends. That’s right! All F45 workouts are done as a group, and though you may not know the people in your classes at first, these are the people who will become your family away from home. One of the great things about F45 is the community. It’s what keeps people coming back for the heart-pounding workouts. Well, that and the workouts themselves!

To help you get excited about F45, Mark Wahlberg and the team at F45 have instituted Wahlberg Week from May 6 -12. Here is all the scoop you should know about the week!

  1. There’s a giveaway!

Who doesn’t love contests? F45 is giving away two full municipal drips (that’s head-to-toe gear) and two $150 Performance Inspired gift cards. We think these are amazing gifts!

  1. There are special workouts!

Wahlberg Week includes seven workouts personally designed by Mark Wahlberg. According to F45, each features “a ‘new’ daily benchmark goal.”

  1. The workouts are unique!

F45 explains that “each Wahlberg Week workout focuses on targeted muscle groups, such as legs, chest, triceps and abs.” Even if you are an avid F45 gym member, these workouts will be totally new to you!

  1. There’s no cost!

That’s right! F45 is offering a free one-week trial for prospective members. Visit the F45 site and find a location near you to sign up!

  1. There’s no need to feel nervous!

We hear a lot of people saying that they may not be in great shape or that they don’t feel they can keep up with a class. But don’t worry! The F45 trainers are well versed in learning about each individual member, and they tailor the workouts to you. Stop in and see how your worries just melt away.

  1. You can keep track of your goals with the F45 app.

The F45 app is easy to download and use. Create goals and see if you can smash them! You can even measure live performance metrics in the studio as you work out.

As Mark said, “It is my goal to get as many people moving, training, feeling confident in their health and fitness as possible.”

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for F45’s Wahlberg Week, get fit, and feel better both mentally and physically!

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