I was sent a sample of the chocolate bar and a peanut bar. I prefer the chocolate bar over the peanut bar. The chocolate has a rich almost I’m cheating chocolatey taste. Very satisfying for me. Also very filling. I’m on the third box of the chocolate and still really enjoy them. Order a few boxes because shipping is kinda slow. Order early so you don’t run out. I’m so used to Amazon next day/same day I’m spoiled! Lol

Jessica Barker

Best collagen I have ever taken! In 3 days my eczema has completely disappeared! My skin is glowing! I will continue to buy this product! I also use the protein and pre-workout and BCAA because I love this company! A must-try!

Ryan McDonald

This stuff is insane. 30 minutes after I have it, I’m ready to crush a workout. I definitely notice it on days when I’m a bit sluggish. Definitely Recommend!

Tammy Lancaster

I love the chocolate and vanilla plant-based protein. I make a shake every morning, it blends well with my bananas, avocado, walnuts, honey, and peanut butter powder. Not every protein mixes how I like it. I think it tastes delicious and will continue to make it a staple in my diet for years to come. I highly recommend this product for appetite control and weight management.

Andrea LaRubia

One of the best tasting protein shakes I have ever had (mocha flavor). I will be trying the other flavors! I work in a job where I have no time to sit & am constantly in motion, so now I can actually enjoy drinking my meal on the go! Not like other shakes that have a nasty powder flavor . The bars are great snacks too! Ingredients are great too.

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