Raymond Flores

All these products from this brand are great!

Marcia capell

I think these are great flavor for a protein bar! These are a protein source, not a sugary candybar folks!
These are chewy, fresh tasting and they have a light chocolate nutty flavor, kind of like a healthy version of toffee. No worries! 😊👍

Lisa Garbarino

The Creatine has no taste and can go in any drink. Helps muscle recover after lifting!

Jeff DeAngelis

Creatine Review:
Works incredibly well. It mixes very easily in water or a shake. I saw dramatic gains in less than 4 weeks. (went from curling 25lb dumbbells sets of 10 to 45lber’s ) now that I’ve stopped taking it I look forward to the bloat dissipating and seeing better results.

Anarchy Biker

Have used Performance Whey for about 2 months plus as a supplement. The flavor and consistency is great for bothe the chocolate and the vanilla…I ended up mixing the two dry in one container and it is amazing. I use it with skim milk but even with water it is satisfying. Been able to manage losing some weight loss during a bad knee issue and that made me very happy. I will continue buying and using this until I reach all of my goals.

Nick Sullivan

Amazing protein! Its lean and it gives you energy. I have tried the vanilla latte and the mocha one and both are very good especially the mocha one and I drink them with water! This is a supplement its not chocolate milk its not going to taste a real milk shake because all the crap is out of it like the high sugar etc. Highly recommend this product.

Amazon Customer

Fantastic whey. Great taste and all natural. I ordered the vanilla mocha flavor and mix it with half a banana, milk, ice, flaxseed oil and a spoonful of peanut butter. I enjoyed this enough that I also ordered the strawberry and cream PI whey.


I love the pre workout I was so pleasantly surprised! It doesn’t make me jittery whatsoever and I don’t experience any change in heart rate! I have also tried the peanut butter protein bars. I think they’re amazing and not packed with sugar like most protein bars I’ve tried. I have already recommended these products to several friends/aquaintances.

Carter Smith

I just wanted to say your products are awesome! I’ve been using your creatine and chocolate whey protein and it’s getting my body into shape like I’ve never had! I’m Active Duty Air Force so it definitely helps! Just wanted to say your stuff is awesome!


Excellent product line of supplements !! Combined with proper personalized diet and consistent training routines… this PI supplement line will highly contribute to performance goals !

Bobby Jones

Today I started using pre-workout drink from Performance Inspired and haven’t felt this good during and after my workout…no pain,not sluggish,energy level over the top,Energized during workout …It’s almost scary feeling this good haven’t felt this good in many years..I know the workouts,clean eating and supplements support feeling great ..Amazing


PI has Given Back in Incredible ways. Personal Experience – 18 year debilitating Digestive surgeries & meds with no change. With PI my life has changed forever amazing!!


Best products ever @bigdealdowd it has helped me push my limits in the gym.

Maria M. Vargas

PI = Good health, good nutrition

Lisa Garbarino

Performance Inspired Nutrition Unflavored Pure Micronized Creatine – No taste and can go in any drink. Helps muscle recover after lifting!

Amazon Customer

Best natural protein out there

Amazon Customer

Absolutely amazing products!!


This not only tastes great, but it’s full of protein and probiotics and has none of the other body building junk in it. I give it to my teenager to make sure he gets enough protein, and I know it won’t hurt while he’s trying to build a bit of muscle, and I blend it with skim milk and PB2 as a meal replacement when I’m hungry with no time. It’s like a milkshake and it’s helping me lose weight. Just buying my second batch. Thanks Mark W!

Amazon customer – sunman

Excellent protein, with myself only 1 month back, just starting to get back in to weight lifting due to ill health I was looking to purchase the product “Marked” unfortunately it had been discontinued, but much to my pleasure his new line of protein products “Performance Inspired Nutrition” have made a huge impact in my training, very clean high end whey protein.. I highly recommend this product, just one scoop with 8oz of clean fresh water added to your shake bottle leaves no lumps and tastes great, the only downside is I do prefer the vanilla flavor over the mocha.

Lisa Garbarino

If you like the latte flavor you’ll like the mocha one too! Love it with almond coconut milk and Ice blended in my vitamix.

Amazon Customer – cheeze433

Tried every preworkout supplement you can think of over the last ten years. This is the first one since the original Jack3d, that hasn’t been available for years, that I can honestly say I’ve felt the effects of. Clean energy, no jitters, no crash. Worth every penny. Great ingredient profile. No proprietary blends and no unnecessary colors, dyes or fillers. Great energy in the gym and always delivers the pump I am looking for. Definitely gonna stick with this one.

Matt Mertens

Affordable, accessible, great taste, great results. West Des Moines, Iowa.

Kamron Walter Xavier Doerge

Great product. Love the Pre Work out and the Ripped whey! So glad to have this product at my work.

Jennifer Hunter

Thankful for yummy GLUTEN free pre workout and protein powder!

Gareth Horn

I enjoy this protein. Gives me the energy to perform at work and helps sculpt the body I want.
Spoil yourself and buy the best!

Kim Milek

I love their products!!! I have tried the Chocolate Ripped Whey, the Pre-Workout, and the Cookies N Cream protein bars!

Casey J. Moomey

The best supplements I have ever used its helped me succeed and push limits in the gym, its my Go To supplement I have overcame weight loss of 100 pounds and My Journey never stops and now to add Performance Inspired Nutrition life is GOOD shout out to Mark Wahlberg he has done Great with these supplements being Healthy & Clean

Paula Schlotterbeck

I’ve been using PI’s Performance Whey Vanilla as part of my mid-morning snack (in plain Greek yogurt with Goji berries added) and it’s excellent. It mixes well and tastes great! Thank you for producing such a quality product and for marketing it via Hy-Vee.

Kayla Johnson

My husband and I do CrossFit, and we love these products! We use pre, post and whey. These products aren’t chalky or grainy, mix completely and don’t contain any artificial sweeteners. Thank you for making great tasting products without artificial ingredients!

Matt Smith

I have tried all of their products and I will say that they are the best. From taste to results this company has nailed it. Do yourself a favor and trade up to Performance Inspired. Great company that cares about its’ products and customers.

Nicole MN Bohane

These products are Amazing!! Having severe digestive issues, I was looking for something All Natural, Easy to Digest, and with Full Nutritional Benefits and I found it all in Performance Inspired. The Ripped Whey & PI Protein Bars taste Awesome. You certainly won’t be disappointed.

Marcus Olivera

The protein bars are awesome. I can eat 3 a day with no upset stomach, constipation, ect…great ingredients superb protein bar. Just finished off my 3rd box of the month.

Mike Harshberger

After day 1 of loading phase with Wahlberg’s creatine product, I am impressed thus far. Push ups went from 35 up to 52 (15,10,10 to 20,20,12), within 24 hrs. It is also powder sugar like in consistency and therefore blends easily w water and doesn’t sit on the bottom of the cup like heavier granule creatine. The increased ability to perform an exercise results in faster gains in fitness.

John Anderson

I did group circuit training at my local gym for the first time this morning. I was so exhausted driving home, I almost crashed a few times. I mixed the PI whey into water and started feeling great – and still do 5 hours later.

Robert M Arceneaux

I purchased online…got it very quickly! I’ve used many GNC products and none compare, and it’s nearly half the price !! I got the chocolate (taste amazing) and the t-shirt which hasn’t shrank and surprisingly comfortable material …so if you don’t have hy-vee just purchase online like i did and you won’t regret it. Anyone can even message me personally. Im out of Baton Rouge /New Orleans Louisiana

Andrea LaRubia

One of the best tasting protein shakes I have ever had (mocha flavor). I will be trying the other flavors! I work in a job where I have no time to sit & am constantly in motion, so now I can actually enjoy drinking my meal on the go! Not like other shakes that have a nasty powder flavor . The bars are great snacks too! Ingredients are great too.