Mark Wahlberg


When you imagine the physique of an average guy in his 40s, you must admit Mark Wahlberg is killing it. He’s a top Hollywood actor, a dedicated and lifelong student of fitness and proper nutrition, a family man, a businessman , charity supporter, and an inspiration to everyone around him.

It hasn’t always been easy for him, though. Mark’s childhood has been a major motivator in the creation of his now-ripped physique and business successes. “As young as I was, I had to be in the best shape possible,” he says. “That’s as real a world as you’re going to be in, you know? You need to be able to survive.”
Mark not only has survived, but thrived. He’s honed his body and his craft to be unstoppable. Now, that fit-to-survive philosophy has paved the way for a 30+ year career in Hollywood and several business endeavors – including PI Nutrition.

Frustrated with the prevalence of synthetic ingredients and the lack of results, Mark teamed up with 25-year industry veteran Tom Dowd to create an affordable line of all-natural whey protein powders, sports nutrition bars, and training supplements that would help people perform at their highest level. “Eating right and getting the proper supplements was the main reason we wanted to do Performance Inspired,” Mark explains. “We want to give people the best there is and give them the best chance to succeed, and the only way to do it right is to do it naturally.”

In addition to working with Performance Inspired, Mark is a husband, father, actor, producer, reality show star, and owner of several other companies, including a high-performance water brand called Aqua Hydrate and a growing a chain of high-end burger restaurants called Wahlburgers.

No matter what he’s working on, Mark takes pride and ownership in whatever he puts his name on. “People know I wouldn’t endorse a product if it weren’t part of my lifestyle,” he says. “Even if it were a chance to make a lot of money, I wouldn’t do it because it’s not who I am.”

And Performance Inspired has been no exception. Mark has been hands-on with every aspect of PI, from testing the formulas and taste, to designing the packaging and marketing. He’s been a perfectionist every step of the way, and now, he’s looking forward to sharing the results of that work with the world.


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