Bryson DeChambeau

Bryson DeChambeau

Major Champion and professional golfer, Bryson DeChambeau, recently joined the Performance Inspired investor team. As an innovator in his sport, he saw the need for healthy, natural products to grow his game personally and he consistently uses Performance Inspired products to change the way professional golf is played. He also wanted to play a role in building on what Tom and Mark created with their amazing formulas, and only partners with companies he truly believes in and uses himself. “Everyone needs clean nutritional products to help them with their fitness and health goals,” said Dechambeau.” Being able to trust what’s in your proteins and supplements is the foundation for growth, and this is a product that I personally use, as well as Mark and Tom, without any misleading marketing. I’m excited to have a platform to help inspire people to be better. I want to help people take their health and fitness to the next level and maybe even help them gain a few yards!” DeChambeau will take an active role in product development and help shape the direction of the company as a hands-on partner. He is the reigning 2020 U.S. Open champion, and 7x PGA TOUR winner.


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