Who are the founders of Performance Inspired Nutrition?

Performance Inspired Nutrition was founded by Mark Wahlberg and Tom Dowd, who first connected over their shared passion for the health and fitness world. They also shared something else: a frustration over the lack of clean, effective nutritional supplements available on the market. Mark and Tom realized that most of the products out there were packed with artificial sweeteners, fillers, and synthetic ingredients, and wanted to make a change. And so Performance Inspired Nutrition was born, a company committed to clean, effective nutritional supplements that are designed to help you meet your health and fitness goals.

Do founders Mark Wahlberg and Tom Dowd have health and fitness knowledge or experience?

For both Mark and Tom, their experience with the industry goes beyond simply having a passion for health and fitness. Mark Wahlberg has spent his life perfecting the art of training his body and maintaining a physique required for his blockbuster Hollywood films. With extensive experience in the bodybuilding industry, Mark knows what it takes to reach peak physical shape. Tom Dowd also has a proven track record in health and fitness, spending a large portion of his professional career learning everything there is to know about the industry as he worked his way up through the ranks at GNC.

Furthermore, Performance Inspired is proud to have a team of partners with a wide range of expertise and knowledge in health and fitness; people who live and work with the integrity and passion that lie at the core of our company values. NBA star Draymond Green and Navy SEAL and Lone Survivor Foundation creator Marcus Luttrell are two of the names that partner with the company, playing a central role in the creation and execution of products.

How does Performance Inspired Nutrition demonstrate a commitment to community?

For Mark and Tom, integrity and a dedication to doing the right thing doesn’t just begin and end with the products. Their mission also involves supporting the community. Currently, two percent of net profits of Performance Inspired goes directly to charity, and the team is always looking for new ways to contribute.

Who are Performance Inspired Nutrition products designed for?

Performance Inspired has created a line of products that are compatible with everyone’s health and fitness goals, whether you are undergoing intense training at the competition level or simply looking to take small steps toward a healthier you.

Can your products help with weight loss goals?

Yes. Our supplements support an active lifestyle, which is an important component of working towards a weight loss goal. Nutritionally, ensuring that your body is fueled properly will help enhance your metabolism, improve your mental function, and give you the endurance needed for fat-burning workouts. Also, our clean protein supplements are a healthy option to satisfy your appetite, helping combat mindless snacking or unhealthy indulgences.

Can your products help me gain weight and muscle?

Yes. In order to be successful in your gain goals, you must be fueling your body correctly. Our supplements allow you to target your body’s needs, putting you on the path to success in the gym. Our products include a protein supplement specifically intended for those looking to maximize their gains.

Do Performance Inspired products contain artificial sweeteners?

No. We believe in clean, natural ingredients, and our products do not contain any artificial sweeteners. Studies have shown that artificial sweeteners have significant negative effects on the body and are dangerous versions of the natural sugars they attempt to imitate. Additionally, many people describe artificial sweeteners as having a chemical taste that detracts from foods and drinks.

Does your product line include multivitamins?

Yes. For those looking to supplement their healthy diet with a multivitamin, we offer our Whole Food Multi Vitamin. These vitamins are absolutely packed with good-for-you ingredients, without any of the junk that other brands have, like artificial colors or flavors. You will feel the benefit of one billion CFU of probiotics, branch chain amino acids, and powerful whole food concentrates. The Energizing Herbal Complex will provide you with the boost you’ll need to power towards your goals.

What manufacturing standards are followed by Performance Inspired Nutrition?

Our commitment to quality is demonstrated in our status as a Good Manufacturing Practice plant, requiring our manufacturing process to follow stringent guidelines for safety and quality. Daily inspections ensure compliance with the Good Manufacturing Practices, and our facilities have earned a GMP for Sport registration. In terms of our products, only the highest-quality raw materials are selected, each one with a Certificate of Analysis.

Additionally, our company participates in Informed-Sport, which is a quality assurance program that targets sports nutrition products, sports nutrition suppliers, and supplement manufacturing facilities. The goal of the program is to raise the standard of quality for the industry by providing Informed-Sport certification to manufacturers that demonstrate a commitment to ingredient purity. This certification requires that every batch of product and/or raw materials be tested for any banned substances as labeled by LGC’s anti-doping laboratory. For more information about Informed-Sports, visit their website.

Can I return Performance Inspired Nutrition products?

Because we strive for the ultimate satisfaction of our customers, if you are unhappy with your purchase, you can return any unopened product within 30 days for a full refund. For further information, visit the Returns section of our website.

Where can I purchase Performance Inspired Nutrition products in-store?

Our products can be found in many major retail and websites including PI-Nutrition.com, Amazon, Bass Pro Shops, Meijer, Hy-Vee, and Market Basket. Visit our retailer locator page to find the closest Performance Inspired Nutrition retailer to you. Keep checking because we are adding new retail outlets every day!

How can I become a part of the Performance Inspired movement?

We are always thrilled to hear about our customers being inspired to join the #tradeup movement. If you are currently using our products we love to hear from you and would love to share your story on our social network. We are very different than other brands because we DO NOT pay people to pretend they use and love our products…..so we don’t use paid brand ambassadors. We are committed to Honest Marketing and using actual customers and brand fans in our marketing! We always bristle when non-product users ask to represent PI – that’s what everyone else does, but we are different and we think better!

If you’re interested in becoming a PI distributor, contact our team by emailing sales@PI-Nutrition.com for more information.

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