Why Our CEO Loves Our NEW CBD GUM

We are so excited to launch our new CBD gum—our first CBD product! WOOHOO!

We launched with the gum because we love the unique and effective way this gum will absorb pure CBD molecules through the oral mucosa, delivering benefits nearly 5x faster than a pill that must pass through the digestive tract. Our formula is 100% THC-free and sugar-free, so any athlete can use with confidence. This is perfect and convenient to use while playing any sport, especially golf!

You will experience no burning throat and no breath that smells like hemp, just a fresh minty aroma. In addition, there’s no need to swallow capsules or worry about bottles leaking in your bag. Carry a CBD gum packet in your golf bag, purse, or pocket and enjoy the convenience! We love this delivery system and will be adding more to our Performance Inspired line of amazing lifestyle products!

Some CBD Facts:

CBD stands for cannabidiol, one of over 60 active compounds known as cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. Some people think CBD has more medicinal benefits than any other compound (including the more widely known THC).

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the component mostly responsible for the psychoactive effects (the high) of cannabis. THC and CBD utilize complementary and different pathways to fight inflammation.

The human body contains its own endocannabinoid system (ECS), which houses various cannabinoid receptors. The chemical compounds that interact with the ECS support memory, mood, brain reward systems, and energy balance. The ECS system has also been found to be beneficial in combating depression and anxiety, increasing appetite, and creating feelings of well-being. CBD naturally acts on the endocannabinoid system’s signals to increase receptor function and flow, with no psychoactive reactions in the body.

CBD oil extracted from industrial hemp plants is legal in all 50 states. CBD oil extracted from medical marijuana plants is only legal in states where medical marijuana is legal (and the purchaser has a prescription).

CBD has been known to reduce nausea and vomiting, suppress seizures, combat psychosis, reduce inflammation, help neurodegenerative disorders, kill tumor and cancer cells, and aid in reducing anxiety and depression.

Cannabidiols have been proven to aid so many disorders that GW Pharmaceuticals has produced a drug called Epidiolex. This drug contains 98% CBD, no THC, and has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for trials on children with certain forms of epilepsy.

Thanks for reading this and Stay Inspired!

Team PI



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