Tom Dowd


Tom Dowd may be in the spotlight now thanks to Performance Inspired, but he comes from humble beginnings. After starting his career in the supermarket business, he made the leap to the health market when he became a District Manager for GNC and ending his career as an EVP, GM, and CMO for GNC   – a perfect fit given his interests in nutrition and fitness.

For the next 25 years, Tom worked his way up the ranks and dedicated himself to learning everything there was to know about nutrition supplements. During that time, he was always surprised how many people would ask him, “Is this product safe?” It was clear there was an unmet need in the market, and he thought he could be the one to fulfill it.

Then, when he met Mark Wahlberg, everything started coming together. The two became fast friends and bonded over their ideas for a line of all-natural, power-packed whey protein powders, energy bars, and supplements for anyone who wants to perform at their best. “Our products are formulated to deliver incredible results, whether you’re a weekend warrior, a pro athlete, or a hardcore bodybuilder,” Tom says. “They aren’t junked up with things you can’t pronounce.”

Tom has seen firsthand that people are more active today and looking for products that help them feel more energized, get plenty of clean protein, recover quicker, get ripped, or drop a few pounds. “That’s why we started with a strong base of core products,” Tom explains. “We already have a line of whey protein powders and protein bars on the market, and we’re heavy into product development for ready-to-drink products (RTDs) and additional protein powders.”

In addition to health, Tom and Mark also bonded over their commitment to community. “Part of the reason we started PI was to help people through our charity give-back,” Tom says. “We’re always thinking, ‘How do we give back to the community?’ ‘How do we help more people?’”

Tom and the team have already pledged to donate 2% of net profits to charity, and they’re always looking out for other ways to support the community. He may have come a long way since his days at the supermarket, but there’s no doubt that his passion for giving back and helping people improve their health the natural way is stronger than ever.


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