Onica Sinclair

Mom, wife, and Educator!

Onica Sinclair is a mom, wife, and educator from Johnston, Iowa. And like many others, she struggled with weight management and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. But in June 2017, she made a serious change in hopes to serve as a strong role model for her daughter and operate as her best self.

Onica’s journey began with focus on fitness and nutrition, utilizing a personal trainer and Performance Inspired (PI) products. What first drew Onica to PI was the founders’ dedication to philanthropy, but the natural, robust, clean formulas that support her challenging self-imposed fitness goals sealed the deal. Added bonus? They’re tested by Informed Sport and aren’t plastered with misleading marketing hype.

As Onica began to see results like increased energy and confidence that supported success in each of her many endeavors, she became hungry for more. And though she wears many hats, she finds time to incorporate strength training, proper nutrition, and cardio in her everyday life.

A major lifestyle changes this significant can lead to changes in your body that require more support than just healthy eating. Onica uses PI Ripped Whey Protein to feed the muscles she utilizes during her 5 a.m. workouts. In order to continue to build strength and muscle mass, her body requires 25 grams of protein every 4 hours. So, Onica always keeps PI Protein bars and PI Plant-Based Protein on hand at work.  Along with satisfying portions of healthy fats and carbohydrates, protein keeps her feeling full and fueled. Aside from macronutrients, Onica realizes her body also needs essential vitamins and minerals to function and replenish.  For this, she turns to the PI Multivitamin and BCAA.

“Being healthy is not about a number on a scale.  It means being happy and being physically and mentally strong and stable.  Combining the dedication of my awesome personal trainer, Eric Tolle, at Aspen Athletic Club and the performance and well-being enhancing supplements from Performance Inspired has helped me get to the best place I’ve ever been, physically and mentally and it feels great!  I want my daughter to be proud of her mom, and I want to be happy in my own skin, “ Onica stated.

Since training and trusting in PI products, Onica has lost weight, lowered her body fat percentage and increased her muscle mass.  Of course, there’s no magic pill or powder that can do the work for her, but Onica has put in time and effort to coordinate different aspects of a healthy life in order to achieve her goals. She is dedicated to her healthy lifestyle and strives to inform, inspire and motivate others to be a better more active person.

“Performance Inspired is pleased to have Onica on board because she was first a customer and she is someone that really represents our average user.  She became inspired to lead a more active lifestyle, and she chose PI to support her healthy journey.  It’s been amazing to see her commitment and progress; she is an inspiration!”  Tom Dowd Co-Founder & CEO