Our Inspiration

Our Inspiration started with the need for natural, high performance products that we could trust were clean in their formulations.  We needed high quality products that our athlete children, our professional athlete partners and friends could use without worry.   We are inspired by helping people through charity and giving back, so giving back with profits was important from day one when we decided to build a better natural brand.   To use artificial or synthetic anything in our products is counter productive when you want the best products to support a healthy active lifestyle…it is simply insane to us and one of the main reasons we started Performance Inspired!

We also knew we could provide better products at a better price by keeping our overhead low. We have self-funded the business so we are free from having to gouge people on price like public companies do or because we carry debt. We are inspired and doing everything better from the start, our reputations and high standards drive us to be better in everything we do!

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