PI Nutrition’s Health & Fitness Glossary

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Foam Rolling

noun Also known as self-myofascial massage, foam rolling involves massaging your muscles to support the recovery process. Most commonly, a […]

Free Weights

noun A category of equipment that involves barbells, dumbbells, and related items typically found in a gym. First known use […]


noun A term used to refer to an increase in muscle mass. If someone appears to have been working out […]


noun An amino acid critical for immune health and often attributed to optimized muscle building. First known use approximately: 1990


noun A combination of the proteins found in wheat, forming a glue-like consistency when mixed with water. Many people report […]


noun Maintaining proper water balance in the body, especially in high water-loss situations (such as intense physical activity). First known […]

Intermittent Fasting

noun A method of eating that cycles between periods of eating and fasting. A common type of intermittent fasting involves […]

Lean Body Mass

noun A categorical term referring to everything in the body except for fat, including bone, muscle, organs, skin, nails, etc. […]


noun The building blocks of a proper diet, with protein, fat, and carbohydrates as the three essential elements. First known […]

Meal Planning / Prep

noun The process of preparing and planning for a series of healthy meals, often completed in two stages, planning and […]


noun A term for the vital body processes, with most people using the word to refer to the process of […]


noun A dietary supplement, commonly presented in pill or capsule form, combining a variety of vitamins and minerals necessary for […]