PI Nutrition’s Health & Fitness Glossary

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noun, Biochemistry. A (nitrogenous) organic acid responsible for recycling ATP, which is the energy element used by cells. It is […]


noun A classic powerlifting event, it requires the lifting of weight from floor to waist height. Proper form requires that […]


noun Another way of referring to muscularity, with an increased absence of fat allowing for the precise delineation of muscular […]


noun A dangerous physical state in which the body enters a water deficit, disrupting body processes. It occurs when water […]

Digestive Enzymes

noun Used to break down food into digestible, absorbable nutrients. First known use approximately: Unknown


noun A weight used for exercising, with a handle portion measuring about 14 inches long, sometimes detachable weights on either […]


noun, Physical Chemistry. When dissolved in water, electrolytes create an electrically conducting solution. Electrolytes are required for human survival, and […]


noun The physical ability to perform an exercise consistently and to full potential over an extended period. First known use […]


noun When completing an exercise, the point at which your muscles are so fatigued that they can no longer appropriately […]


noun A macronutrient containing nine calories per gram. Fat is categorized as either saturated or unsaturated, with unsaturated being the […]


noun The indigestible portion of food, with high-fiber foods including oatmeal, beans and nuts. Dietary fiber is important for healthy […]


noun Ingredients added in the processing stages to “bulk up” certain foods, reducing the cost of manufacturing and also reducing […]