PI Nutrition’s Health & Fitness Glossary

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Amino Acids

noun, Biochemistry. The building blocks of protein, responsible for supporting many critical body processes such as muscle building, energy, muscle […]


noun, Biochemistry. Available in either supplement form or through consumption of fruits and vegetables, antioxidants prevent or delay cell damage. […]

Artificial Sugars

noun Synthetic forms of sugar, often created with the goal of providing sweetness without the calorie impact of natural sugar. […]


noun A type of weight used for various exercises, typically comprised of a long bar with detachable, metal weight discs […]


noun, Biochemistry. Branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) are a grouping of three similarly structured amino acids, each with significant muscular […]


noun Adding body weight, most often in the form of muscle mass. First known use approximately: Mid 1500s Image credit: […]


noun The unit used for measuring the energy value of any particular food. First known use approximately: Mid 1800s Image […]


noun An organic, nutritional compound composed of hydrogen, oxygen and carbon. Among the types of carbohydrates are starches, sugars and […]


noun The shorthand phrase for “cardiovascular training,” it is a type of exercise that involves raising the heart and respiratory […]

Clean Foods/Products

noun Products referred to as “clean” are natural and free of artificial ingredients. First known use approximately: Unknown

Compound Training

noun Another term for “giant sets,” which involve completing multiple exercises for the same muscle with little to no rest […]

Cool Down

noun The final stage of a workout routine in which you slowly transition your body back to a resting state. […]