Dr. Jena Gatses

 Physical Therapist & Performance Specialist 

Dr. Jena Gatses is a leading expert in physical therapy, elite performance, professional sports, injury rehabilitation & prevention; with over 15 years of experience working with professional athletes/teams, celebrity clientele, neurological and brain degeneration, extreme injuries, and more. Dr. Gatses is a coach, trainer, therapist, author, teacher. Dr. Jena feels the world can be a better place with a little more love, kindness & education. Dr. Jena was also the head strength coach and physical therapist for six NASCAR teams and has earned 4 championship rings while concurrently coaching Motocross and Supercross athletes.  She has a passion for helping people reach their full potential related to sports, posture/performance, self-awareness/mindfulness, and movement efficiency.

Dr. Jena loves to educate her patients to understand how to work SMARTER, not HARDER, while preventing injury and becoming more efficient with every movement.  She has teamed up with Performance Inspired Nutrition, a lifestyle nutrition company founded by actor and businessman Mark Wahlberg and wellness industry veteran Tom Dowd to spread knowledge and deliver quality, clean and trusted products for the everyday athlete and health enthusiast.


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